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Thrive is a Group Coaching Forum for early career teachers to help them move beyond merely surviving in their first five years towards really thriving and making their careers productive, enjoyable and sustainable. 

This information is for those who would like to join our online program.

Having worked with hundreds of Early Career Teachers over the past few years, we understand the major challenges that lead to as many as 50% of our new teachers leaving the profession in their first five years. 

We have developed Thrive in Your First Five to address these challenges and empower Early Career Teachers to thrive.

Regular Sessions Through the Year

Twice a Term your cohort will gather after school for 2 hours in a facilitated online workshop to support and learn with each other.

Responsive & Practical

We are committed to responding to your real-life challenges with practical strategies that will help you thrive in & out of the classroom

Small & Supportive

Our cohorts are kept small to ensure all participants have an engaging and immersive experience.

Outside of School Hours

Our cohorts meet after school to ensure you can engage fully in our program without the need for casuals.


Most frequent questions and answers

There is no curriculum as such. Rather, Thrive in Your First Five is tailored to meet the challenges that early career teachers face. With that in mind we can anticipate exploring concepts such as:

  • Wellbeing
  • Self Management
  • Reflective Practices
  • Time Management
  • Communication with Parents
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Staffroom Politics
  • Dealing with Stress and Burnout

Cohorts meet twice a term for 2 hours on Zoom.

Sessions will run from approximately 4pm – 6pm Sydney Time on the following days in 2024:

All of these dates are Wednesdays.

Term 1 – 21st February & 27th March 
Term 2 – 15th May – 19th June 
Term 3 – 7th August & 11th September 
Term 4 – 6th November & 11th December

Your enrolment fee is: 1495 AUD +GST

Payment plans can be developed to suit your your school’s budget timelines.

You will not be required to pay anything upon registering. In most cases your school will have received funding specifically for programs to support new teachers.

Once your place is confirmed, Samira from Cut Through HQ will be in touch to organise your payment plan. 

Meet the Thrive Team

Tim Perkins

CERTIFIED Senior coach & facilitator

Ray Francis

CERTIFIED coach & facilitatoR

Natalie Valeri

CERTIFIED Coach & facilitator

Tom Kreiger

CERTIFIED Coach & facilitator

All our certified coaches have an extensive background in education. They understand the challenges new teachers face, because they’ve been there. 

To register for Thrive In Your First Five in 2024 fill in the form below.

Workshops will be held on Wednesdays after school.

Term 1 – 21st February & 27th March 
Term 2 – 15th May – 19th June 
Term 3 – 7th August & 11th September 
Term 4 – 6th November & 11th December

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